What Brownstone Can Do For You

Brownstone Consultants, LLC is not your run of the mill financial consulting firm. Brownstone Consultants will evaluate your financial position and partner with you in order to develop the financial retirement plan that will provide the retirement you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We will accomplish this with a blend of services that include retirement planning, tax planning (with tax preparation), and risk analysis of investments. This analysis will also match your investment to level of risk to your level of risk adversity.

President's Letter:

Dear Potential and Existing Clients;

Brownstone Consultants provides Pension Planning, Asset Review, and Financial Compliance Services. But our focus is on helping you prepare for your future.

No one would say it hasn't been a rough ride since September of 2008, and yet a select group of individuals and companies know different. It isn't true that your financial future and your retirement plans have to feel like a roller coaster ride.

Instead there are proven methods and qualified plans that allow for growth equal or greater than equivalent S&P 500 returns, that also provide minimal risk, with a return that is more than adequate to meet your retirement goals.

There's no reason to be up late worrying about your financial future when there are solutions that are not dependent on the performance of any stock market or the rise or fall in real estate prices.

Visit with us so we can demonstrate that 401(k) is obsolete, and that with just a little rational planning, the future is really quite bright!

Roy B. Thompson

Financial Services That Make Sense

  1. Pension Planning
  2. Wealth Management
  3. Asset Review
  4. Financial Compliance Services

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